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2/6 Cavalry Commando Regiment
Families of The Regiments can help build a living history in cyberspace.

There are over two thousand  names on the nominal roll of the Regiment for World War Two. That means there are over two thousand  stories to be told and preserved for posterity.[Go Search the Database, just type in his name or number and look him up. He'll love you for it. Then contact us with corrections or further information and we'll love you for it.]   

Great tomes have been written and re-written about the deeds of great and lesser generals and the decisions they made to alter the course of humanity from their headquarters bunkers. Brave and necessary leaders. Yes. But what of the ordinary front line soldier. Running in to hell from the ugly mouth of a landing barge. Skulking in a parched wadi dodging bullets in some forsaken desert. Crouching in a lonely foxhole on the blackest night in the deepest jungle listening for death. Their reward? For the survivors, maybe the laughter of kids running carefree in the streets, and for those who paid the price? A lonely grave on a distant shore with a number etched in stone.  Who is to tell their story?

We now have a wonderful opportunity to write the fair dinkum  stories of the blokes who fought in World War II and the blokes who have served or are still serving in 2nd Cavalry Regiment.   Take them into cyberspace  in an open living  history book that will never gather dust on some forgotten shelf.


Tell us about your Dad, Brother,Uncle, relation, yourself(while there is yet time)your husband/partner/spouse. Not to forget Grandad or Great Grandad.

Send us a page, a photo, a cutting, a picture E_Mail or Snail Mail or give us a ring.

Search the database.   Remember, the facts are all there in every  individual soldier's record available to the general public in the national archives, and salient features can be readily checked. 

Click on CONTACT US  about him, and if he served with the regiment at any time we can give you the bare essentials about postings W.I.A. or when he went AWOL etc.  

Just give us a call, drop us a line, send us an E-Mail. We're open all hours.

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